Web Maintenance

The Ashihara Online mission is to provide quality and complete web solutions. As a result, web site maintenance represents an important part of our operations. The regular updating of a web site is crucial irrespective of the size of the site. Certain web sites require updating on a daily or weekly basis, while others might only need quarterly or annual updating.

Regardless of whether we have designed your company’s web site, we can maintain your web site effectively on a regular basis at an extremely reasonable cost.

Basic maintenance is not the only service we offer. We also offer a digital photography service, where we come out to your premises to take photos of products, thereafter uploading them onto your web site. This service is ideal for motor dealerships, retailers, manufacturers, etc who consistently change or increase the products they have in stock.

Dealers can have all the products they have in stock available for viewing on their web site. This can save a considerable amount in advertising expenses. In addition, by making customers aware that they can view products on your web site, they will likely view your web site rather than assuming they should look elsewhere. A visit to a web site is less time consuming than a visit to a showroom.

If you require the efficient, regular maintenance of your web site at an affordable price, contact us now by telephone on + 27 (0) 21 701 1701 or by e-mail, info@ashiharaonline.com.