Finish Offs

What are coups de grace?
In Ashihara Karate these are the final techniques you will be using in a fight. 'Final' means you will be rendering the opponent completely defenceless, which means knocking him out. If you take it any further, it means killing him. Get it through your head that karate can kill, and you will then realise the importance of winning without hurting people. (During practice in particular, take these techniques very slowly.)

Elbow Stab
This is one of the first techniques propagated by the late Kancho Ashihara. As the opponent goes down, bring a knee strike up to the back of his head, then chop, or drive your elbow into his carotid artery, collarbone, or face. This is one of the most powerful coups de grace.

After throwing, kneel on the prone opponent's neck, and pull up on one arm to punch into his ribs, face, or heart. The added leverage gives the punch double power.


Coup de Grace
Pull on his arm, and step in behind his head. (Lift your knee and kick into the back of the head.) This is truly the coup de grace, and the ultimate technique in Ashihara Fighting Karate.
If you do get into a fight, recognise that it may come to this point, and don't be reckless. However, the purpose of Ashihara Karate lies not in inflicting injuries, but in mutual improvement.


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