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Due to the high demand for our system globally, we are offering career opportunities for anyone to become a professional instructor in our unique system.
Ashihara Karate offers an Uchi Deshi (live-in) Instructor Training Course at our International Honbu dojo in Cape Town, South Africa. This intensive training experience is for people who want to make Karate their Way of Life and their career.
Traditionally, Uchi Deshi are students that live in the dojo. Honbu S.A. has a small dormitory available for those wanting to follow this path. Kayoi no Uchi Deshi (Outside-inside student), or those that live on their own but wants to follow this path may also be accepted.
The minimum period for the Uchi Deshi program is One (1) Year, but shorter time periods may be taken. In this one year program, you will learn all aspects of running a karate studio which includes administrative, computer, advertising and marketing as well as assistant instructor training.
Follow up training will occur through Seminars, Training Camps, Training Video's and communication via the Internet.

To turn out trained Instructors capable of teaching different age groups from beginners though to novice, intermediate and advanced stages. It is hoped that graduates will open Ashihara Karate affiliated dojo throughout South Africa and Overseas.

Candidates from throughout South Africa or Overseas are invited to apply. The course is aimed at traditional karate students, of at least Green Belt (3rd kyu) level with preference given to males and females with a Full Contact training background. All ages considered but 18 to 30 years is preferred and applicants need to be fit and prepared to train consistently, frequently and to attain a high standard.

Applicants will need to complete a minimum of three months training if already a Black Belt. Brown
Belts will need to complete a minimum of six months training and may be able to test for Shodan if appropriate. The candidate must do a minimum of 40 classes per month. This includes Black Belt and Children's classes.

In Retreat, Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is the Mother City and has some of the most spectacular sights in this Country if not the World.

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The Ashihara Karate Honbu Dojo located only fifteen minutes (by car) from the heart of the City easy walking distance to the local shopping centre. Access to public transport at the doorstep.

Lodging in a small dormitory in the dojo with fellow uchi-deshi (live in trainee-instructors). Alternatively, the student may be accommodated with a local student at very cheap rates. Food and utilities can be shared. The candidate must see to their own meal arrangements as the Honbu provides utilities. The Honbu will provide One meal per day.

Theory Program:
Lectures, projects and research is undertaken on successfully running and managing a successful dojo. Subjects covered are advertising, communication both verbal and written, handling telephone and personal enquiries, running seminars, courses and tournaments, record keeping, maintaining and recruiting of members and merchandising. Preparing lesson plans from a syllabus, class management and discipline, keeping students motivated and interested. Attend Meetings of the Provincial Executive and All Styles Body with a view of learning Meeting Procedure.

Practical Course:
How to teach, take classes, give trial classes and private lessons, and how to grade students. How to link basics with Kata and its Application, self defence skills, Kumite Training Methods and the latest Coaching Methods. Refereeing and Judging in the dojo and at tournaments. Learn First-Aid, Dojo Management and CPR.

Course training fees including accommodation (in the dormitory) must be paid in advance. Senior training is conducted three days a week and regular classes are to be attended another three times a week minimum at either the Honbu dojo or other nearby branch dojo.


Three Monthly Course

US $ 750.00

Six Monthly Course

US $ 1500.00

One Year Course

US $ 2000.00

All fees are payable in advance.
Gradings, Uniforms, Equipment and training manuals or video tapes is not included.
Training camps and Special Seminar will be free.

1. Submit application along with a two page essay on your Martial Arts training and goals with your educational background, and why you would like to be part of the Uchi Deshi program.

1. The successful applicant will have to see to their own return ticket.

2. The Honbu will assist with the necessary Visa's, etc.

3. Depending on the situation, the Honbu may provide a small allowance.

If you are interested, please write to:

Kaicho Hoosain Narker, Ashihara Karate International, P.O. Box 117, Retreat, 7965, South Africa.

Tel/Fax : +2721 7011701 E-Mail : info@ashiharakarate.org

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