Your Input

We enjoy creating web sites which are well structured, good to look at, concise, and easy to navigate. It’s as simple as that!

What makes a good web site?

A good web site relies on graphics, page layout, copy writing and editing, programming and a fair degree of marketing savvy. While you can set up your own site in your spare time, you have to consider whether or not it’s going to serve its function? Will it advertise your business in the right way? With thousands of new sites being published every day, it’s no longer enough to simply have a web presence – these days you need to have a good-looking, fully functional web site in order to be taken seriously.

The general look and feel

Ashihara Online is not keen on extraneous animations and images – they only serve to lengthen the download time of a page. Each image should serve a purpose, whether it is to illustrate a point, or to add flavour to your site. Remember that most Internet users are looking for information, not entertainment. The site must be easy to navigate and quick to download – you will lose visitors if your pages are too heavy, or your navigation too obscure.

While the design (or look) of your site is important due to the first appeal effect, good copy will go a long way towards keeping these users on your site. Reams of text just bore people – keep it informative yet to the point. Ashihara Online will make sure that your message is carried over in a concise, compelling and grammatically sound manner.

Giving life to your site

Having a web site is not enough – you have to advertise it! You can no longer rely on search engines for this purpose. Put your URL on your business stationery, and if necessary, advertise it in the local media. Also include it in your e-mail signature. Consider whether there are any services you could provide to draw extra traffic to your site? For instance, if you have a sports store, you could provide scores/details of upcoming events, etc. In this way you ensure repeat returns, and a steady flow of new visitors.